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STEAMing into Action with an Easter Twist

Students from Primary School enjoyed a day of experimenting, designing, calculating, building and creating through a range of fun and sometimes challenging activities.

Year 4 took part in a “STEM in a bag” task. In groups of six or seven, with a mix of children from each of the three classes, the children had to build the tallest tower they could to hold a plastic Easter egg. The bag contained: pegs, spaghetti, straws, pipe cleaners and sticky tape.

Group work, collaboration, design, sharing, team discussions, remodelling and many other learning situations took place. At the end of the design and make period all the towers were placed along the Easter display wall and measured. The tallest free-standing tower was 57cm, and a number of leaning towers measured over 120cm. In all, a fun learning experience was had.

Happy Easter from the Primary School!

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