Earlier this term SCAS took a team of 97 Primary and Secondary students to the HRIS Cross Country Championships and the results are in!

Travelling all the way to Avondale College, Cooranbong (just south of Newcastle), our runners competed against students from 15 other schools all vying for a spot in the HRIS team that competes in Sydney.

The day saw great feats from all of our runners. Many of our students qualified for the representative team heading to the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools competition in Sydney.

We congratulate the following successful students:


Trent Alley9 Years
Taya McLean 10 Years
Lucy Lund10 Years
Zoe Game10 Years
Alessandra Price10 Years
Archie Branch10 Years
Emil Drenzla10 Years
Hunter Haveland10 Years
Mitchell Wall10 Years
Grace Curran11 Years
Wilson Roberts11 Years
Isabella Rodriguez12 - 13 Years
Ted Strong12 - 13 Years
Robert Vandoros12 - 13 Years


Charlotte Van Zeeland12 Years
Cooper Hone12 Years
Rhys Carey12 Years
Ethan Smith12 Years
Connor Bowyer12 Years
Laura Reynolds13 Years
Alice Hillsdon13 Years
Hannah Smead14 Years
Tom Crofts14 Years
Joshua Soper14 Years
Bryce Turner14 Years
Finnean Carey14 Years
Kera Mumford15 Years
Caitlin Lloyd 15 Years
Sonya Maloney15 Years
Sahara Elfar15 Years
Jack Mills15 Years
Samuel Soper15 Years
Thomas Fletcher15 Years
Andre Pelser15 Years
Anneliese Cains16 Years
Hannah Jones16 Years
Gabriella Cadwell16 Years
Olivia Stanley16 Years
Joe Begbie17 Years
Harrison Smead17 Years

Notable performances were made by Trent Alley, Grace Curran, Annelise Cains and Joe Begbie who were all victorious in their respective races.

A special mention must be given to Joe Begbie and his mother Laura as 2018 marks their final HRIS and AICES competition. Laura, especially, has been in attendance at the competition for several years and the SCAS community thanks her for the service she has given to the sport.

We wish all our runners heading to Sydney on 5 June the best of luck!

Please note: The Combined Independent Schools Championships will be held June 14 for those successful at the AICES event.