A Day In The Life Of The Secondary Office

From lending out WD40 for some tricky locks to late arrivals and early departures, the secondary office is one of the busiest places within SCAS. Upwards of 100 faces a day pay Louise Johnson, our Secondary Office Administrator a visit.

“People wonder why my door in the office is never shut when it is cold in winter and it’s because the door would open and shut too many times a day,” Louise laughs.

This observation prompted Louise to make a tally of how many people visited the secondary office over the period of a week. The record for daily visits stands at 109 with 94 different reasons for these visits across the week.

No day is the same in secondary office, and Louise has become the master multitasker striving to be on top of the daily happenings of SCAS. With daily music rehearsals, excursions and sporting trips “being across everything every day is quite challenging”.

It takes a special kind of person to thrive in such a fast-paced environment. While a large part of Louise’s role is administration, an even bigger part is being a friendly and approachable person that students feel comfortable to talk to.

“The most rewarding part of the job is the interaction with the students and teachers,” explains Louise.

“I enjoy being able to help students out when they need help.”


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