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There are times when families may decide to make their own arrangements for extra tutoring beyond the academic support provided by the School. For interested parents, below is a list of past students who are available to undertake tutoring, and their subject areas. This information will be updated regularly.

Please note that these tutors are not endorsed in any way by the school, and any arrangements should be made directly with the tutor via the contact details below.

NameContact EmailSubject Areas
Sophie Robertssophiebrookeroberts@hotmail.comMathematics - Years 7 to 9
PDHPE - Years 7 to 9
History - Years 7 to 8
Jonathan Hingstonjghingston@gmail.comMusic - to Year 12 Level
Kiraleigh Hartaskaybee_95@hotmail.comEnglish - to Year 12 Level
Mathematics - to Year 7 Level
Business Studies
Legal Studies
Studies of Religion
Science - Primary Level
Kelly Maggs McKaykellymaggsmckay@gmail.comEnglish - Years 7 to 10
English Advanced - Years 11 and 12
English Standard - Years 11 and 12
Drama - to Year 12 Level
Harrison Smeadh.smead1@gmail.comChemistry - to Year 12 Level
Biology - to Year 12 Level
Mathematics- to Year 10 Level
Art - to Year 12 Level
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