An Update from Homework Club

Pictured is Year 4 student Isabella who has hit the ground running this year! As she has been an early bird attendant at the Homework Club she is familiar with procedures and expectations of the standard of work required in the club. As a result she has already begun to develop her organisational skills and strengthen her understanding of educational concepts within her homework set by her teacher.

Isabella has signed up for a second day each week to keep this momentum going. Her dedication and application to her homework is commendable. Well done Isabella!

An afternoon at Homework Club begins with students signing in at the After School Care Room (OOSH). A fruit and vegetable platter is shared amongst the group before moving to the library to complete homework. Homework Club is exceptionally privileged to work in this quiet space, with a number of resources at our fingertips.

During this time students are encouraged to complete their Homework to the best of their ability with educational guidance. After their organisation sheet is signed signifying homework has been completed they commence ‘Reward Time’.

At present Homework Club Members have been enjoying ‘Lego Set’ provided as motivation and reward activities.

Parents are welcome to contact Columba Cottage (OOSH) for enquiries and bookings.

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