Australian Mathematics Competition Results

Each year the number of outstanding mathematics students continues to grow. This year in the Australian Mathematics Competition, our students achieved –

4 High Distinctions
18 Distinctions
50 Credits 

This is an amazing achievement considering the top 3% of students that elected to do the Australian Mathematics Competition gained a High Distinction, the top 20%, a Distinction and the top 55%, a Credit.

Year 6
Lucy King – High Distinction

Year 7 
Angus Ismay – High Distinction
William Shaw – Distinction
Mekhala Ratakan – Distinction
Lachlan Hodge – Distinction

Year 8 
Mitchell Baker – High Distinction
Poppy McIntyre – Distinction 
Solamon Maxwell – Distinction
Eric Liu – Distinction
Tim Lawrance – Distinction
Roxanne Bowman – Distinction

Year 9
Kaolan Clifton – High Distinction – Best standardised result in the school 
Mason Bell  – Distinction
Murray Cameron Brown  – Distinction
Joshua Runge – Distinction
Lily Nguyen  – Distinction
Sarah King — Distinction
Owen Whitworth  – Distinction

Year 10
Lila Browning – Distinction
Thomas Oram – Distinction
Jed Kirkman – Distinction
Cormac Flynn  – Distinction
Adam Winter – Distinction

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