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Back to SCAS Tips 2020

Returning to school after the summer holidays can be testing for families as they return to routine. We have compiled some tips to ease the transition back to school after the holidays.

Develop a sleep schedule

Getting your child’s sleep habits in order is the best way to prepare their brain for learning. Studies have revealed that sleep-deprived students are at a 40% deficit in their ability to produce new memories and absorb information. Ensuring your child is going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning, reducing harsh lighting from devices before sleep and separating your child’s sleep space from their study space can assist in your child getting sufficient sleep for school.

Support exercising for mental health

Encouraging your child to exercise and stay active can improve their sleep, increase their energy and help manage stress. This is especially important for our Senior Secondary students who, while juggling their studies and social commitments, may put their physical health on the back burner. Starting to incorporate exercise into a study regime can enhance cognitive function, such as memory, attention and focus. Team sports are a great way to engage in regular physical activity for students. Check out the Iona Sports Club based at St Columba Anglican School to find out more about getting involved in local sports.

Involve your child in the back to school process

Making time to involve your child in the school preparation process will positively reduce stress for both of you. An example of this could be asking your child for lunch or snack ideas when you are doing your weekly grocery shop. By allowing your child to have input where appropriate, it can give them something to look forward to about returning to school.

Pack the night before

To avoid the morning rush, encourage your child to pack their things the night before. Lunchboxes prepared, school bags packed and uniforms laid out the night prior will ease the stress of school mornings and allow students to focus on their day ahead.

Set measurable goals

Ask your child what they want to achieve in 2020 — both inside and outside the classroom. Setting learning goals motivates students to take education seriously. Encourage your child to write clear and measurable goals with a specific action plan for each goal and placing this plan somewhere that they will revisit daily.

Prioritise healthy eating

A balanced diet will ensure that young people have the necessary nutrients for their brain to function. Studying in Senior Secondary years can be tiring. Eating junk foods and consuming caffeine can disrupt concentration and hinder sleep. St Columba’s canteen The Lunchbox aims to provide students with healthy and nutritious options with most meals prepared on-site from fresh local ingredients. You can view The Lunchbox’s menu here.

Develop a study schedule

Setting aside time daily to study will prevent the stress that can be induced by last-minute cramming. Writing out a weekly schedule and including study time will keep students accountable. We have created a printable template to get you started here.

For more Back to School information, visit Explain SCAS. We look forward to welcoming you back to St Columba 2020.

Experience our World of Opportunities! We would love to welcome you and your child to SCAS. Email to organise a tour or taster day.

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