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Bathroom Upgrade

You may have heard from your child that there has been a great deal of noise, trucks and demolition happening in the Primary school. Yes, we have been renovating one of our bathrooms and whilst not ideal during term time, necessary to secure our builders to get this important job done. 

We have worked with our excellent construction team and Campus Manager, Chris Moss, to reduce noise during class time and to have trucks enter and leave the school campus when children are not in the playground. Mr Richards and 1R have had the extra special privilege of using the Sustainability and Environmental Centre as their classroom this week. The students have enjoyed their new digs but are looking forward to returning to their classroom when the demolition work has been completed. 

Due to their age, the bathrooms in the Jones building (at the SOLA) are in need of an update and the current bathroom designs are not child-safe because of the reduced vision of staff to the area. The refurbishment of the bathrooms will bring the amenities up to child-safe standards by becoming individual cubicles that have an external door and can be supervised by a Staff member on Duty rather than having to enter the Boys’ or Girls’ toilets.  

We hope to update all bathrooms in the school over the next few years. This is one of the oldest bathrooms in the school and we are thankful that these projects are being supported by the Building Fund and St Columba Anglican School Council. 

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