Bringing History to Life

This week Year 10 History students were honoured to have local Vietnam veterans speak to them about their involvement in the war. Peter Page and Roger Mika were interviewed by students as part of their assessment task, to create a documentary on an area of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war.

Peter and Roger told students about their training, experiences, conscription and the impacts the war had on their lives. Students prepared questions to interview each guest, listening to them recount their experiences, including having an APC explode and having ‘contact’ with the enemy.

Each veteran shared different stories, photographs and poems as a medium of portraying their feelings on the war and their experiences. Roger made connections to present wars and sacrifices of men and women who continue to serve in the military. This was invaluable to students to gain a personal perspective on the war. We appreciate the veterans visiting and sharing their experiences, and hope they return again to continue sharing their knowledge.

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