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The Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program at SCAS has been established to improve learning outcomes with educational technology, and is reviewed as technology and the needs of teaching and learning shifts. The ubiquitous nature of technology and the learning opportunities provided for students makes a laptop an important learning tool.

We would like to remind parents that students in Years 5 to 12 are expected to have a device for learning and to maintain it as their own property. Students in Years 3 and 4 are also able to bring a personal device to school but it is in no way an expectation.

If there are circumstances which prevent a student from bringing their technology to school, a note is required in the Student Diary with a clear explanation. SCAS currently maintains a small number of devices in the library that are available for day loans. All students in Years 5 to 12 require a signed parent note before a loan laptop is made available.

The current BYOT Policy can be found here – BYOT Policy

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