Christmas Hampers Class/Wellbeing Group List

St Columba Anglican School has a long-standing tradition of extending a helping hand to families in need in Port Macquarie. We take immense pride in our commitment to supporting two remarkable organisations: St. Thomas’ Soup Kitchen and Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Services. Once again this year we will be assembling Christmas Hampers for these two worthy causes. Each class or Wellbeing group has been assigned a family to shop for. They can choose to purchase either Christmas presents or non-perishable essentials. Donations can be dropped off via the student’s classroom in Primary or their Wellbeing group in Secondary. Our collection period will run until Wednesday, 29 November. Thank you to all of our families for being a part of this wonderful tradition, and for making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate in our community.


KBMother, girl 2 years, boy 4 years
KCMother, girl 4 years, girl 7 years, boy 2 years
KGMother, girl 11 years, boy 8 years
1QMother, girl <12 months, boy 6 years
1SMother, girl 7 years, boy <12 months
1WMother, girl 7 years, boy 8 years
2CMother, girl 8 years, boy 10 years, boy 16 years
2KMother, girl 6 years, boy 8 years
2RMother, girl 11 years, boy 5 years, boy 7 years
3BMother, girl 3 years, boy 9 years, boy 17 years
3DMother, father, girl 5 years, girl 3 years
3QMother, boy 10 years, boy 12 years
Year 4Mother, father, 9 children in the family
Year 5Mother, girl 11 years, girl 11 years, boy 3 years, boy 1 year
Year 6Mother, father, 6 children in the family
Wellbeing Class Years 7 and 8FAMILY DETAILS 
7A7BMale pensioner
7L7RMale pensioner
7T8TMother, boy 14 years, boy 17 years
8A8BMale pensioner (would love sugar, honey, coffee products)
7C 8CFemale pensioner
8L 8RMale (mid thirties)
Wellbeing Class Years 9 and 10FAMILY DETAILS 
9A9BMale and female pensioners
9C10CMother, toddler
9L9RFemale (under 40)
9T10TMother, girl 13 years, girl 17 years
10A10 BFemale pensioner
10 L10 RFemale pensioner
Wellbeing Class Year 11FAMILY DETAILS 
11A11BFemale pensioner
11C11RMother and daughter 
11L11TMale pensioner
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