Developing Girls’ Sport is all in a Day’s Work for Morgan Critchley

Morgan Critchley

Described as “a young inspiring woman who, by her words and deeds, leads by example to empower others, particularly young women”, Morgan Critchley is known amongst her local community for leading, participating and promoting initiatives in women’s sport including League Tag, AFL, Netball and Surf Supervision. As an umpire, referee and player of all these sports, Morgan actively enthuses other young women in these pursuits.

At 25 years of age she has quickly risen to leadership status in her work, where she is the newly-appointed Head of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE). In her new role Morgan supervises and leads a team of dynamic secondary teachers in the subject areas of Sport, Health and Wellbeing.

Morgan also creates opportunities for girls’ fitness groups outside of school hours, and inspires girls to love their bodies and abilities. She regularly reaches out to support community fundraiser projects, such as Zumba in the Dark, to raise money for Orange Sky Laundry and many others local initiatives.

Morgan has instigated and organised several Mission trips overseas to assist communities in education and to assist with building and infrastructure. Through this compassionate work she is able to further inspire young people to be globally caring citizens. Morgan is an inspiring young woman, and someone whom many young people look up to. Congratulations Morgan on your nomination for Young Citizen of the Year 2018.

Morgan Critchley

How long have you been teaching and how long at SCAS?
I completed my university degree in 2013, did a year of casual teaching in 2014 and started at SCAS in 2015. So four years teaching with three of those wonderful years at SCAS.

How do you best motivate your students?
I try to bring a high degree of energy and enthusiasm to each lesson. I believe that if I’m excited to teach, then the students are more likely to be excited to learn!

What’s your teaching highlight so far?
That is a hard one! There have been so many in such a short time. I have really enjoyed teaching my first senior class. The smaller class and seeing them so regularly on the fortnightly cycle has allowed for some wonderful connections to be made. Witnessing little and large improvements in this class makes all the hard work worth it! I have also loved watching the growth my first Year 7 cohort at SCAS has made, seeing them from nervous, shy little Year 7 students to confident, young adults in Year 10 has been very special. 

Morgan Critchley 2What’s your personal sporting highlight?
That would probably have to be representing the Mid North Coast in Rugby Union at the Country Championships in 2017. It was my first year playing Rugby Union and to represent at that level was very exciting! The comradeship on and off the field is an aspect of the game that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Captaining the first Wauchope Thunder women’s team in 2017 has also been pretty special!

What have you learned from your most challenging student or situation?
To not take everything personally. I have learnt to acknowledge that each student comes to class with their own “bag” full of emotions they have experienced during the day. Their day may have been brilliant so they come to your class with a skip in their step or it may have been terrible and they walk in the room with their head down. Assuming a student is mucking up just for the sake of it is often inaccurate. In these situations I have learnt the value of empathy.

What year levels and subjects are you teaching this year?
Year 8 and 9 PDHPE and Year 11 and 12 CAFS. 

Favourite sport
Ohhh that is a hard one! Anyone who knows me knows that I’ll give any sport a go, sometimes all at once! Netball will always be a favourite but I think at the moment Rugby Union is very close to the favourite!

Favourite club
I think my dad would disown me if I didn’t say Liverpool Football Club. 

If you could invite three people alive or dead to dinner who would they be?
1. My Nan
2. The Queen
3. Nelson Mandela  

Do you think the Hastings area has promising young athletes and good opportunities for development?
I have a passion for female participation in sport so I’ll focus on that. For girls and women in the Hastings region 2017 was a year of milestones. The first women’s Rugby Union competition started on the Mid North Coast with six teams participating. 2017 was also a big year for women in AFL, with the first girls and women’s competition available to those in the Hastings region. 2018 is already looking to be exciting! The lower MNC has announced the inclusion of a women’s rugby union team with a number of teams signed up! I really look forward to watching the growth of girls and women in sport this year. 

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