Developing their economic minds

SCAS Year 12 students travelled to Sydney last week to hear from a range of contemporary economic thinkers including economists from the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australian and international business, and the media. They visited the Reserve Bank to hear the theory behind the bank’s monetary policy framework and an overview of the current state of the Australian economy. As part of this visit students were able to ask the presenter about their personal journey to becoming an economist.

Students also attended the UBS HSC Economics Study Day at the Wesley Centre to develop their understanding of a wide range of topics facing the economy. There they heard from expert economists, including the ‘guru of Australian economics,’ Sydney Morning Herald Economics Editor and icon Ross Gittins.

The excursion coincided with the city’s Vivid Festival and students were able to explore the amazing lightshow and activities surrounding this annual event. The excursion provided students with valuable insight and resources to enhance their learning and preparation for the Trial and Higher School Certificate Economics Examinations and exposure to possible future career paths.

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