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End of Year celebrations K – 6 Term 4

Learning isn’t about winning at all costs or about being first; but rather building competence, confidence, skills and the ability to perform at a higher standard.  This takes GRIT. Does innate ability automatically lead to persistence, determination and a strong work ethic? No. Resilience within learning can look like a high achieving student who continues to try their hardest, setting their own benchmarks. Progress can also look like a student who struggles with reading but perseveres on a daily basis to make connections and sense of their learning. It is with this in mind that I have asked teachers to consider the progress of their students and its relationship to academic achievement. The end of year events will recognise that Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2 and Primary students are different in their understanding of performance acknowledgment and academic success.

Kindergarten Presentation Day 

Kindergarten students will be recognised through a special ceremony and performance on Friday 7 December in the Iona Performing Arts Centre at 9:30 am. The completion of a child’s first year at school is certainly cause for celebration. It is also exciting that the Performing Arts staff have been available to assist the Kindergarten teachers in preparing a short performance piece for your enjoyment and to share the joy of the festive season and Christ’s birth.

Stage 1 Celebration of Learning 

All Year 1 and Year 2 students will have their efforts recognised with an individual certificate at our Stage 1 Celebration of Learning. Parents are invited to visit the classrooms for the presentation on Tuesday 11 December at 9:30am. Due to limited space in classrooms we extend this invitation to immediate family. At the conclusion of the Celebration of Learning, parents are invited to join their children for a picnic in the Stage 1 playground. Picnic packs will be available to pay and collect on arrival from the Iona Cafe and then make your way to the classroom. Use this link to pre-order your lunch pack.

The role of the Years 1 and 2 Celebration of Learning is to reinforce the belief that lifelong achievement is about effort and attitude. It compares students’ improvement to their own prior performance and is critical to ensuring a student’s future academic success.

Years 3 to 6 Primary Events 

Parents are warmly welcomed to attend the following special events:

Sports Awards Years 3 to 6 (and invited Year 2 students) will acknowledge the sporting achievements of their peers at the Primary Sports Awards in the Iona Sports Centre on Thursday 6 December at 12:00 pm.

Primary Awards Special Awards and Class Awards acknowledge that individual achievement is formally celebrated by the school and their parents. The awards will be held in the Iona Sports Centre on Monday 10 December at 12:00 pm and students are required to wear full school uniform. Parents will be notified by email if their child is receiving an award.

Year 6 Graduation Dinner and Disco

The Year 6 Graduation dinner and disco will be held on Monday 3 December in the Iona Performing Arts Centre at 5:45 pm. The evening will commence with a formal presentation to our Year 6 graduates. Afterward, there will be a dinner and Disco for students and canapes and refreshments for parents. Please look out for the invitation and RSVP information.

I look forward to celebrating the conclusion of the 2018 school year with our students and their families.

Head of PrimaryShannon Rosewood
Head of Primary, St Columba Anglican School
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