Environment and Transport Forum

The 2020 SLC Team and Year 9, 10, and 11 year representatives hosted the SCAS Environment and Transport Forum, where we were fortunate enough to be accompanied by The Honourable Member for Port Macquarie Mrs Leslie Williams, Port Macquarie Councillor Sharon Griffiths and Group Manager of Community Place Port Macquarie Lucilla Marshall.

We were given the opportunity to ask our guests about leadership skills, their role in the local council, and their ideas regarding the future of Port Macquarie, and how to make it an environmentally active region. The forum also allowed us to share our initiatives with our local council members on how to improve sustainability in both SCAS and the local area. 

Ivy Moore and James Duffy pitched their ideas on behalf of the SLC to the guest members from the council on how to improve the efficiency of transport options, especially the current bus system, as well as their environmental aims which included improving waste management, creating awareness about environmental issues, and environmental involvement at youth week. The forum gave us the chance to discuss ways in which we could make our environmental objectives possible, and to collaborate with our guests on ways we can hopefully improve local sustainability for the future. 

We would like to thank Mrs Leslie Williams, Sharon Griffiths and Lucilla Marshall for attending our forum, and for the time they took out of their busy schedules to attend. We are appreciative of your advice and assistance, and we look forward to collaborating with you to help transform Port Macquarie into an eco-friendly region in the near future. 

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Miss Watters for her help in the organisation of our forum, and the incredible support she continuously provides our SLC team. 

You can view the SLC’s Presentation here

SLC Team 2020

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