Failure to Succeed

The idea of failing at something can lead people to avoid tasks, feel anxious and possibly even succeed. 

At St Columba Anglican School we have numerous programs in place that allow our students to gain the skills to overcome the negative feelings associated with failure,  giving them a pathway to success.

Utilising the Rock and Water skill of ‘Ground, Centre, Focus’,  students can use breathing techniques to maintain a calm state even when tackling challenging tasks. Peer Support programs assist students to learn with and from older students about themselves, empowering children with practical skills to navigate life and relationships.

Rock and Water Program at SCAS

The Social Thinking program in Stage 1 builds on Zones of Regulation to allow students to better understand themselves and their feelings in a wide variety of situations. These programs, alongside our classroom teachers’ creation of challenging, engaging learning experiences, allow our students at SCAS to grow and thrive through failure to ultimately find their own success.

Marten Hilberts
Deputy Director of Wellbeing
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