Future Directions 2021

Schedule for Future Directions week from Monday 29 March to Thursday 1 April

Monday (sport uniform)

  • Keynote Speaker Alistair Flower will talk about the Hospitality industry and being a business owner
  • Dominic Aarsen will present his ‘Money Confidence Program’, designed to teach teenagers about the financial challenges they will face at each stage of their lives
  • Students will begin work on their personal E-Portfolio – an online and interactive CV
  • In groups, students will start to consider an idea for an original food / beverage business based in Port Macquarie

Tuesday (business casual attire)

  • ‘A Day in the Life of…’ career talks commence. Students choose from a range of guest speakers, allowing them the chance to ask questions directly to people working in their field of interest
  • Charles Sturt University representative will speak to the students about the upcoming partnership between St Columba Anglican School and CSU, and how this may impact their current and future study paths
  • Students will have the opportunity to undertake a taster course to develop their barista skills in our Trade Training Centre.
  • Students will do a ‘mock job interview’ with volunteers from Rotary. These interviews will provide students with the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills, and ensure their personal presentation and grooming is appropriate for the workplace.

Wednesday (sport uniform)

  • ‘A Day in the Life of…’ career talks continue
  • Students continue to work on their E-Portfolio and business ideas
  • Students will undertake an online course through Fair Work Australia, upskilling them on their rights and responsibilities in the workplace.

Thursday (business casual attire)

  • Students prepare to pitch their business ideas to the crowd, and the top 3 creative ideas will then have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to business consultants who will provide immediate feedback on the viability of their business ideas
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