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General housekeeping matters for Primary School


  • Please read SCAS Express and Explain SCAS
  • The Student Diary is being used for K – 6 students. Please sign regularly. 
  • Email for changes to routines as teachers are not checking emails throughout the day.
  • Staff are not required to respond to emails in the evenings or on weekends.
  • Classroom teachers will respond to an email within 24 hours and not necessarily on the same day.
  • Formal Parent/TeacherInterviews are later in the term but parents are always welcome to make an appointment with teachers to discuss a concern. Please contact the Primary Office so that a meeting time can be set with the appropriate Staff.

After school routines

  • 3.00pm dismissal for Kindergarten.
  • 3.10pm dismissal for Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2)
  • 3.20pm dismissal for Stage 2 and Stage 3 (Years 3 to 6)
  • Parents are now able to collect their child from the Oval without an exemption. Please wear a mask and socially distance. 
  • Please write in your child’s Diary their after school routine if they are unsure: Kiss and Drop, Oval, Bus Lines or OSHC. 
  • Children with Secondary siblings must wait in Kiss and Drop for their older brother or sister to collect them. 
Our car line will flow more quickly if a few simple rules are followed:
  • Do not get out of your car. Staff will assist students. 
  • Do not ask children to get into the car prior to the line moving to the top of Kiss and Drop (or Bus Lane for Stage 1)
  • Only Stage 1 parents can wait in Kiss and Drop prior to 3.15pm.
  • Only Stage 1 parents can enter the school through the Right Lane (Bus Lane). 
  • Stage 2 and Stage 3 parents must use the Left lane and wait until 3:15pm to enter Kiss and Drop.
  • Have a name sign in your visor. Please contact Reception if you need a replacement.
  • Students entering cars on the outside lane are at risk of being hit by buses and cars driving past. We ask that if possible that children enter cars through the left side doors only. 

COVID-19 Regulations 

Please see our Explain SCAS site in regards to parent access to the campus, Rapid Antigen Testing and all things COVID-19. 

Remote Learning will only occur if staffing is depleted to the point that children cannot be supervised adequately. The Google Classrooms will be in action from the beginning of the term for this eventuality and can also be accessed for students in isolation. Provision online will be limited whilst our staff are working on the premise of on-campus learning. Explain SCAS has helpful information about accessing the Google Meet platform.

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