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Go ahead. Make my day…

The measure of what makes a good day is a very subjective thing.

Waking up feeling good. Achieving a goal. The first hint of cool Autumn air after weeks of oppressive heat.

All these can make a difference in how you view your day.

In the principal’s office it is easy to judge a good day by the positive finance or enrolment figures, or great results in robotics, dance, academic competitions or even pleasing NAPLAN results.

But sometimes it is the unexpected things that make my day.

An example:
Today, I was on my way to a meeting at the far end of the campus, running slightly late. Just as I reached for the door handle of the meeting room, I heard a young voice call my name: “Mr Muldoon”.

Now I had the opportunity, as I was already late, to “not hear” that voice and enter the room. Instead, I stopped and turned around. Standing in front of me was one of our younger Secondary School students, holding a plastic container. “Sir, would you like a slice of my pizza?” Obviously, Period 2 had been pizza making in the Hospitality Room.

“What kind of pizza is it?’ “Chicken.” “Yes, please.”

I looked up as she opened the container and took out a piece. Her friends and classmates were looking on, somewhat wide-eyed at her actually approaching the principal. I thanked the girl, and took the pizza slice into my meeting. It was really good!

As I walked black to my office after the meeting, there was a sense of lightness in my step (despite recent surgery). That unsought and unexpected offer of something the student had made in class improved my day, making it all the better because of that small, thoughtful interaction.

In the midst of “important” zoom meetings, applications for funding and other “grown up” activities, the lingering taste of that generously offered slice of pizza lifted my spirit.

The student who offered the slice of pizza probably had no idea how much her generous gesture increased my sense of delight in being a part of this school.

She made my day! So, thank you.

Sometimes it’s the “small things” that make it a really good  day in the life of a school principal.

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