GRIP Leadership Conference SLC Report

On Wednesday 12 May, the SLC went to Port Macquarie Panthers for the GRIP Leadership Conference. It was such a good opportunity to learn more about leadership and ways to be a better leader. Thanks to Mr Hilberts and Mrs Rosewood, we got that experience.


The benefit of going to the GRIP Leadership Conference was so we could learn and improve our initiatives, ideas, responsibility, be an all-around better leader, and a better person.

During the GRIP leadership, we learned when it was our time to be a leader, when to take responsibility, how to act on bright ideas and how to communicate them, constantly improving them and the steps to planning our bright ideas. Through a game of charades, we saw how an idea that is not improved becomes something that it was never meant to be. We explored how everyone has different talents and that not everyone can be in charge at the same time, but rather, people with the necessary talents should take charge. 

The 5 Is to making a plan:

  • Identify
  • Invent
  • Introduce
  • Implement
  • Improve

 But most importantly, we learnt the three most important responsibilities of leaders,

  1. Follow through on promises.
  2. Do what is right.
  3. Put others first.

The GRIP Leadership Conference was very beneficial to all those in attendance. Thanks to GRIP, our SLC can display the best of our ability. We strongly recommend that future leaders attend these conferences. 

A big thanks to the GRIP leadership team!

Rosie and Kate
On behalf of the Primary Student Leadership Committee

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