Help for Aussie Farmers around Tamworth

SCAS chefs Matt Hayden, Adam Sinclair and Steve Clancy will set off for the Tamworth region on Sunday 30th September with a load of food and supplies bound for drought-stricken farmers.

The idea originated with Matt, who had heard about farmers who were struggling in the Tamworth area.

“It’s just so dry out there. I didn’t have a truck so I couldn’t take hay. I thought this was the next best thing, taking non-perishables,” said Matt, who has been collecting supplies since July.

The community has rallied behind the initiative, donating enough non-perishable items to fill two trailers and two utes.

“We put a poster up in the IONA Café at SCAS and on the school Facebook page to tell people about the idea,” he said. “The response from the school community and the wider community has been really positive.”

“One of the primary school girls has even organised to send some drawings that she and her friends have done for the farmers, so we have about 80 drawings to give to farmers, along with the supplies.”

There are drop off points in Tamworth for shipments of food but Matt and his fellow chefs thought it would be more personal to door knock farms themselves.

“We will be delivering in the Tamworth region, heading an hour north out of Tamworth to Barraba, then door knocking farmers,” Matt said. “Then we’ll work our way back down into Tamworth.”

Matt has kept a running tally of all the items that have been donated which you can read below.

Bottled water ? – 489 bottles

Dog food tins ? – 84 tins

Dog biscuits ? – 142.5kg

Tinned baked beans/spaghetti- 127 tins

Tuna ?- 89 tins

Deodorant – 21 cans

Tinned vegetables/tomatoes ???- 107tins

Toilet rolls ? – 170 rolls

Tooth brushes? – 56 brushes

Tooth paste ? – 28 tubes

Pasta/ rice ?? – 18.25kg

Soups ? – 168 tins

Tea ? – 1487 bags

Coffee ☕️ – 2.8kg

Mouth wash ? – 250ml

Powdered milk ?- 24kg

Long life milk ?- 24L

Bars of soap ? – 61 bars

Cereal ? – 23kg

Shampoo ?- 45 bottles

Dry shampoo ??- 6 tins

Sweet biscuits ? – 10 packets

Pads ?-238

Washing powder ? – 6kg

Tinned fruits ? ? ?- 59 tins

2 minutes noodles ?- 37 packets

Coconut milk/ chicken tonight ? – 22 jars

Pasta sauce ? – 13 jars

Cheat sachets (potato bake, curried snags)?- 26 sachets

Chips/ crackers ? – 38 packets

Cake mixers ? – 12 boxes

Spreads ? – 22 jars

Milo ? – 10 tins

Juice ? – 4L

Liquid stock ?- 3L

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