HICES Debating Success in Grafton

The St Columba Debating Team recently traveled to Grafton to compete in the 3rd Round of the statewide HICES Debating Competition, competing against other Independent Schools from across the Northern Region.

One of the deliberate difficulties of debating is, of course, that the team must argue the side designated to them, not necessarily that which they instinctively agree with. Our teams were challenged by some meaty topics including “That Australians should not have an opinion on Donald Trump”  and that “The International Symbol of Disability should be changed”.

The teams acquitted themselves with intellect, style, and aplomb, with particular success achieved by the Year 6 and the Year 7/8 teams. The Year 6 team deserve special mention; for some students, this is their first year of debating, and they have thus far won every debate convincingly.

In the first week of next term, the team will again travel to Grafton to compete in the final two rounds of the Northern Competition. The overall winners for each stage will then move to the final rounds against teams from other regions.

Congratulations to all team members for their debating prowess and importantly, for their outstanding representation of the School community.

Year 6 – Adam Hempsell, Annabelle Pollitt, Amelia Stanfield-Gates, Imogen Farley

Year 7/8 – Isabella Rodriguez, Lachlan Price, Georgia Stanfield-Gates, Aarohi Deshmukh

Year 9/10 – Nicola Awad, Matilda Lindeman, Adam K, Jinuki Senanayake

Year 11/12 – Laura Stewart, Joshua Jones, Olivia Stanley, Emilia Price

Ms Elissa Strahley
Director Humanities

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