Hippies vs. The Hood Secondary School Social

Each and every year the SCAS social gets bigger and better, and this year surely did not disappoint.

The awesomely exciting Hippie v Hood theme saw some amazing costumes, from rainbow tie-dye shirts to shining gold chains. The entertaining playlist had each and every person dancing from beginning to end – a playlist that saw a clever combination of the classic songs with their contemporary counterparts.

Everyone made the most of the light refreshments outside whilst taking a break, but otherwise were on the dance floor and having just the best time. Our professional DJs and photographer made sure that the night flowed well, and ensured that only the top tunes were being played and the best photos were being taken. The decorations around the room just topped off what was a brilliant night, and we were SO happy to see so many Secondary students there and having fun on their Friday night.

On behalf of Year 12, we’d like to thank Miss Watters and all the teachers who took time out of their busy schedules to come hang with us. We hope that you guys had as much fun as we did. We’d like to thank the students, too, for making our last social the best one ever, and as Eminem summarises so well, “A normal life is a boring one.”

  • Mitch Hardie, Secondary School Captain
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