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Homework in Primary School. It’s Time to Change.

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At the core of St Columba Anglican School ethos is the value of family. Working to balance home and school commitments is an important component of our pastoral care and approach to wellbeing.

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Sporting commitments, music passions and child care are factors that can cause tension and conflict when combined with Homework expectations.

This is not what we would want for our community and means that attempts to consolidate learning are counter productive to our goals. In the Primary School we believe that there is value in providing Homework but recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ policy is outdated. Research has shown that it develops organisation and provides consolidation of basic skills but we understand that it is not always suitable for families. The Homework guidelines have been designed with this framework in mind.

The Homework program is encouraged for K – 5 and compulsory for Year 6.


Appropriate tasks will still be set by teachers and feedback provided. Parents electing not to complete the tasks are asked to ensure that discussions have occurred with staff. This may include a collaboration of the benefits of completing a reduced selection of what has been offered for learning consolidation.

Reading every night for enjoyment is considered a priority for all our students to develop successful readers who love literature.

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Homework is set to develop strong study habits and to reinforce learning that has occurred during the day. While parent encouragement and support is welcomed, at no time should parents do their
children’s work. Should your child experience problems it is essential the teacher is aware of these difficulties via a note in the diary or email.

Similarly if your child is having difficulty completing the set tasks within the above timeframe, please notify their teacher. Additionally, Homework Help is available to support children in the School Library.

Working with families is our goal and making this change to Homework guidelines is in keeping with the conflicting research on the benefits of Homework for all children. In the Primary School, we believe that quality Homework tasks are valuable and worthwhile. We acknowledge that this expectation must be within the supportive structures of the home environment and take into consideration the complexity of children’s needs.

Head of PrimaryShannon Rosewood
Head of Primary, St Columba Anglican School
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