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Hosting an overseas exchange student

St Columba Anglican School is pleased to be hosting another Rotary Exchange Student in 2019.

This year the School will host a Year 10 student from Switzerland. Her name is Annika Renz and she is fluent in English and of course Swiss. She also speaks some French and is learning Italian!

Annika is good at sport, and enjoys swimming and snowboarding. She also enjoys art, music and English and would like to be a teacher. 

We will be welcoming Annika in July this year, and would love to see her hosted by one of our SCAS families. Host families usually take our overseas students for approximately three months.

If you would be interested in having Annika join your family and enjoy a unique cultural experience, or have any questions regarding hosting, please contact Rotary Club of Port Macquarie Sunrise’s Youth Director, Grant Heaton, on 0421 747 919.

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