HSC Design and Technology Students Selected for ‘Shape’ 2017

Shape 2017 showcases a selection of outstanding major projects from the HSC Design and Technology course. These exemplary student works showcase innovative projects that will shape the future of Australian design.

As varied as they are creative, this projects provide a glimpse into the minds of tomorrow’s designers. Two SCAS students have received nominations for this showcase.

Alice Chapman identified her potential tertiary pathway in architecture. Throughout the year she dedicated her time and efforts on a major project in this field. She grew her skills in visual design and display, model making, CAD and laser cutting to produce and outstanding project that investigated and proposed a re-purposing of the foreshore in Port Macquarie.

Thomas Craddock undertook a very challenging major project developing a wireless technology for use when riding bicycles on the road. This safety initiative was also recognised by his second place in the national ICT Young Explorers competition this year. More impressive is that Thomas had not written a line of code of used the microprocessor hardware before the start of his HSC course.

Both students worked with diligence and leveraged the Design and Technology course to pursue an area of personal passion. Congratulations to the two nominees and all the HSC students of 2017 that worked at their personal bests.


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