HSC Economics Virtual Focus Day

Last week our Year 12 Economics students attended their first HSC Focus Day. Our students were joined by other schools across New South Wales including St Philip’s Christian College in Cessnock, Emmanuel Anglican College in Ballina and Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School in Tweed Heads.

The Focus Day centred on developing skills of collaboration and critical thinking, as well as deepening student understanding of the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates; key and challenging concepts of the HSC syllabus Topic 2.

Students were joined by economist Jim Xu from UBS Finance and economist Nicole Adams from the Reserve Bank of Australia who explained the nature of the organisations in which they work, their journey to becoming an economist and the work they presently do. Jim discussed the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates while Nicole Adams presented information regarding the In a Nutshell Series and provided advice to students about how they can develop an In a Nutshell flyer.

The day was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with peers across the state as well as have the opportunity to experience some firsthand industry expertise.

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