Jarryd’s Passion for Policing

Jarryd De Castro graduated from SCAS in 2009, and took a gap year to break away from study and during this period he remained in Port Macquarie, working at the Glasshouse and several licensed premises.

In 2010 Jarryd commenced his studies at CSU in Bathurst in a Bachelor of Justice Studies/Policing where he expanded his education and learnt a little more theory behind criminality and the law of NSW. In the second year of his studies, Jarryd commenced residential school at the NSW Police Force Academy in Goulburn. In January 2013, Jarryd began his academic and physical training as a Policing Student, and in May of that year graduated from the Academy and was stationed at Surry Hills Local Area Command performing General Duties. During his first 12 months as an officer, Jarryd continued studying and graduated in an Associate Degree in Policing Practice.

In 2015 Jarryd took on a role as a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer (GLLO) where he worked closely with the LGBTI community throughout the central Metropolitan Region, and had the privilege of carrying the NSW Police Force flag for the annual Mardi Gras Parade. Later that year he transferred to the High Visibility Policing (HVP) Unit focusing on drug and property related crime, and was involved in a high number of successful drug supply arrests. Jarryd has now transferred back to General Duties where he now has his own probationary constables to train.

Jarryd says that his policing career has challenged him physically, emotionally and mentally, and there have been many situations ranging from serious assaults, suicides, drug and alcohol related crime, vehicle collisions and critical incidents that he has been involved in. He says that the most challenging to date was being one of the first officers on the scene of the Lindt Cafe Siege in Martin Place.

Jarryd says that he still has much to learn, with room for personal growth and expansion of his career as a Police Officer, and he has plans to transfer to the country where he hopes to be able to have a closer, more personalised approach to community Policing. He says his University courses have assisted him in his promotions and rank advancements within the organisation, where he can internally apply for positions without further study. Jarryd has also recently taken on a role presenting to students at CSU campuses about his study experience and the challenges he has faced being a Police Officer.

In Jarryd’s words “SCAS was always a great learning environment for me personally. It built a platform from where I could set myself up to achieve my chosen career path.”

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