Launch of the Iona Talented Athletes Program (ITAP)

Student cycling in a triathlon event

Students playing touch footballOur Iona Talented Athlete Program (ITAP) is aimed at developing the talents of young regional sportspeople by utilising a unique coaching style that is usually only offered in metropolitan areas.

ITAP will develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills that will help young athletes to reach their full sporting and personal potential.

David Beard playing volleyball for Australia at the Olympics

David Beard, Olympian and ITAP coordinator

In line with the School’s vision of excellence in all areas, ITAP will focus on developing areas that are crucial for sporting success – professionalism, responsibility, resilience and integrity.

ITAP will be overseen by our Co-curricular Sports Coordinator, David Beard. David is a former Olympic Volleyball representative and captain, who played in 368 international matches, and is also a qualified teacher and dedicated coach.Student competing in hammer throw






For more information on ITAP, see the School App or SCAS Express, or contact the School.

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