Lesson in the Dark

Year 5 had a wonderful opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of children in Vanuatu who live with energy poverty.

They participated in a Lesson in the Dark with wind-up torches. Many found it difficult to focus with wavering lights and felt that they did not produce their best work.

However, they thoroughly enjoyed fundraising for solar lights that they will assemble later in the year.

I loved helping people. Me and my friend baked A LOT of cookies, brownies and cupcakes. At first we went door to door, around our neighbourhood and collected orders. After baking, we sold the spares to more neighbours/family members. I really enjoyed this experience!  I’ve learned more about the people in the world and what’s happening to them. It encourages me to help more. I loved this project, thank you so much! I love the feeling when you’ve helped someone.

Year 5 Student

There is still time to support Year 5. For $35, you can sponsor a solar light that will help a family for the next 10 years. Click here if you would like to contribute.

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