Literacy and Numeracy Week

Literacy and Numeracy Week at SCAS

SCAS celebrated Literacy and Numeracy week from September 5th to September 10th in the library with activities and puzzles everyday. There was also a display of books with a mathematics theme.

Monday saw the launch of “Problem of the Week”, ungoogleable questions and a binary challenge where students are encouraged to make a binary bracelet that spells the first letter of their name.

Students enjoyed the challenges of solving the mathematics problem of the week. Some classes used their library time to find the answer to the ungoogleable question.

Here is a question for parents to solve at home.
Use google to research the answer to these questions without googling the actual question. No Cheating!
Question: If you consecutively slept one night in each room (excluding bathrooms) of the Palace of the Light of Faith, how many years would it take you to sleep in them all?
Hint: Think of what piece of information you are missing to make this calculation.Literacy and Numeracy Week at SCAS 2

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