Make Your Own Lunch Day this week!

Balanced diet. Healthy food concept. Ingredients for cooking.

Don’t forget to get your children involved in packing their own lunch one day this week. Send in your photos of your children preparing and making their own healthy lunches.

Easy and fast, kid friendly recipes are available online. Check out the following sites for inspiration.

Lunchbox recipes

Healthy snack ideas

Lunchbox guidelines

Keep it fresh

When you and your kids are packing their lunch, think about how to keep it fresh until lunchtime. There are lots of easy, waste-free storage options available including ice packs, bento boxes, flasks, beeswax wraps for sandwiches etc.

Using up leftovers for lunch can also be a great way to avoid food waste and very popular with kids — great examples from the Healthy Kids Association can be found here.

Good lunchbox options have been reviewed by the Healthy Kids Association here.

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