Master and Apprentice

Year 11 Business Studies’ students will create a business plan as their major work this year. To inspire these young ‘apprentices’ they were this week joined by ‘master’ local business owners (and SCAS parents) Bronwyn and James Craig.

The Craigs own and successfully operate a number of local cafes, including Ruins Cafe. After recounting their personal histories and the steps required to set up a business, the Craigs described the rewards and challenges associated with operating your own business. Students also gained an insight into the personal qualities required of an entrepreneur, particularly self-belief and passion for your work.

The adage ‘if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life’ was suggested as a parting message. The Craigs kindly offered to continue mentoring the class during the year and provided invaluable insight into the nature of business establishment and operation that the students will be able to draw on as they set about building their own business idea and plan.

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