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What is your role at St Columba?

I’m a TAS (Technological and Applied Studies) Assistant in the Design and Technology workshops and Art rooms.

Also do morning SOLA duty keeping the handballers playing fair.

How has the transition from student to staff been for you?

It was quite weird at first, calling your teachers by their first name as your colleague. But you actually get to know a lot of the teachers and even become friends. You get to learn from your colleagues who know so much about their field of work.

What advice would you give to SCAS Year 12 students who are considering their options for next year and the potential of a GAP year or undertaking a traineeship?

You should definitely consider it. It is a great experience, you get to understand and get a taste of not only the faculty you work in, but also being a staff member at a great school.

Employers and Universities also highly regard people who have worked at schools in a GAP year.

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