More STEAM Success from Thomas Crundwell

Year 9 student, Thomas (Tom) Crundwell continues his efforts in STEAM with a 2nd place (Year 9/10 division) in the ICT Young Explorers (ICTYE) competition held at the University of NSW over the weekend. Tom worked on his project in the Year 9 iSTEM elective under the guidance of Ms Gemma Rainger.

The ICTYE competition brings together students from across NSW to pitch their technology ideas for the ‘next big thing’ to a panel of the industry representatives. This is Tom’s second year entering the event and both times he has finished a close second.

His ‘Keep Frozen’ idea tracks items you have in the freezer and keeps a digital record of how long they have been in there.”I developed ‘Keep Frozen’ because I always saw people would put food in the freezer and forget about it. Many items might stay there for years and pass used by dates or suffer in quality”. Tom made use of a Firebase database, RFID tages, Thunkable IoT connectivity and an Arduino microprocessor. His product was coded in C++ which is the same language he used to code the Iona Fusion FRC robot to their recent win at Macquarie University.

No doubt a bright future ahead in the field for Tom.
SCAS Dan ZavoneDaniel Zavone
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