New mentoring initiative in Year 11 gets started

A year 11 student participates in a mentor session with a teacher

As a new initiative this year, we are trialling a system of Learning Conversations with the current Year 11 cohort. The idea behind this process is to assign a consistent staff mentor to each student and formalise a meeting time twice per term. This allows the close monitoring of each student. The conversation topics will include academic progress, spiritual and personal growth, service, sporting and cultural involvement. It is hoped we can assist and monitor student progress in a more structured fashion. It is envisaged that students will prepare for this interview, with the final interview of the year one in which parents are invited along. We are hoping to allow students to be more accountable and self directed in their progress, as well as promoting involvement and inclusion of parents in the educational context. The staff delivering this project will be Mr Andrew West, Mr Justin Munro, Mrs Stephanie Cairns and Mrs Gayle Houlahan. More information will roll out as the year progresses with this pilot program and we encourage feedback from parents and students in this process. This is an exciting time, and we hope students and parents find this a valuable experience

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