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Parent Information Year 3 2021

Welcome to Year 3 with Mrs Kathleen Heazlewood, Mr Robert Lund  and Mr David James.

Our aim is to inspire and empower each other to create a better world.

Fruit Break and Water

Year 3 are encouraged to bring some fresh fruit or vegetables and a bottle of water into class. Students will break to munch on fruit or vegetables mid-morning. Please ensure fruit is cut into bite sized pieces so it can be eaten quickly. 

Sustainable Lunchboxes

We are transitioning to waste-free bin areas. Students are encouraged to bring in lunch boxes that cater to this change. Recyclable materials will be placed in the recycle bin and there will be access to dispose of green waste. All other materials will be placed back in students lunchboxes to be disposed of at home.

Computers and Devices

The BYOT policy can be viewed on Explain SCAS. Year 3 have access to devices provided in class. Students also have the option of bringing in their own device. In Year 3 students undertake lessons in caring for technology, staying safe online and using the Google Suite as tools for learning.

Year 3 Camp

In 2020 Year 3 will be attending the Great Aussie Bush Camp!

When:  Monday, 8 March to Wednesday, 10 March 2021*
Where:  Great Aussie Bush Camp, Tea Gardens
*Parents may opt to have their children start Thursday at 11:30am to allow additional rest before returning to school.

Please read our blog on preparing your child for school camp.

Specialist Programs

Year 3 students have French with Mrs Moore, Visual Arts with Mrs Catlin, Music with Mrs Corrigan and Mrs Finnecy, Christian Studies with Mrs Erga and Performing Arts Hour with the Performing Arts team of teachers. 

Year 3 Strings

All Students in Year 3 will participate in the Orchestral Strings Program which forms their weekly Music class. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and try out the Violin, Viola, and Cello during the first three weeks of Music. From there, students will have the opportunity to have a say about which instrument they might like to play this year, and then we get started learning about music through an instrument. 

Homework/Home reading

The homework program is encouraged for Kindergarten to Year 5 and compulsory for Year 6. Appropriate tasks will be set by teachers and feedback provided. Parents electing not to complete the tasks are asked to ensure that discussions have occurred with staff. This may include a collaboration of the benefits of completing a reduced selection of what has been offered for learning consolidation. Reading every night for enjoyment is considered a priority for all our students to develop successful readers who love literature.

Timetable Reminders

Sports Uniform
Sports UniformHomework dueLibrary
Sports Uniform
Sports UniformHomework due
Sports Uniform
Sport UniformHomework due

We look forward to a fabulous year working with your children.

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