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Pick Up Routines in the Primary School

Thank you to all the families who have provided feedback on the improvements to our after school collection procedures. The structure we have chosen is based upon research into schools of a similar size who have proven procedures that ensure the safety and welfare of students, and minimise the traffic frustration for families and the local community.  We have also observed reduced afternoon fatigue among our youngest learners.

We are continuing to evaluate and improve the process and have recently painted class zones outside the Library for supervision at the end of the day. Staff will supervise uncollected children in this area until 3:20pm. To avoid confusion, we ask that children refrain from playing at this busy time. As the weather gets cooler, supervision will move to an indoor location. Stay tuned!

Thank you to all the parents who submitted feedback online and were interviewed by our Media team recently. Mr Guihot and I appreciate the positive comments shared through the car window at ‘Kiss and drop.’ A big thanks to the randomly selected families who completed the survey conducted during Parent Interview Week last term.

We understand that each family has their own unique set of circumstances and that the new procedures may impact families in different ways. We encourage feedback and hope that families would approach the school to voice any comments or concerns they may have in a respectful manner. Feedback can be provided at any time online, via email, phone call or the Suggestion Box that will soon be installed near the Library.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Head of PrimaryShannon Rosewood
Head of Primary, St Columba Anglican School

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