Primary School Public Speaking Finals 2019

The Primary School Public Speaking Finals were held in the Iona Theatre on Thursday 4 April. All students from Years 2 to 6 wrote a speech on a topic of their choice. Class teachers selected the top three speeches from their class to participate in the finals.

Topics varied from landmarks and locations to animals and family members. The speeches were very informative—congratulations to all our talented participants! We sincerely thank our adjudicators Miss Nicola Gallace, Mrs Libby Watts and Mrs Jennifer Crofts.

Year 2: 1st Iori Chung, 2nd John Haveland, Equal 3rd William Harvey and Alexander Pollitt

Year 3: 1st Eva Beard, 2nd Ace Fitzpatrick, 3rd Ryan Edward, 4th Riley Hill

Year 4: 1st Ryley Hogan, 2nd Reese Rosenbaum, Equal 3rd Henry Pollitt and Ryan Partridge

Year 5: 1st Hunter Haveland, 2nd Levi Beard, Equal 3rd Taya McLean and Elijah Livingston

Year 6: 1st Alex Maggs, 2nd Ashley Livingston, Equal 3rd Zali Rose and Fleur Hillsdon

The top four speakers from Years 3 to 6 now have the honour of representing SCAS at the HRIS Public Speaking Competition which is being held at St Phillip’s Christian College in Cessnock on June 21.

Students who placed first in their year group will receive an engraved SCAS medallion at the next assembly and the other place-getters will receive a certificate.

  • Julie Chambers, Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning
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