Primary School Science Days

Our school term has concluded with some fantastic Science Days for our Students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2. Each year, when our Secondary students are on their camps, the Design Studio and Workshops open to our youngest students in a program that has been run and refined over several years.

Over the course of a full day, our students develop and apply a variety of skills and techniques to create products and better understand the science behind a problem. They work with the guidance of staff to select and use materials, tools and equipment. Like most of our activities at school, there is more to each activity than simply science. We are encouraging deep learning by engaging students to be curious, creative and solve problems, all while working in collaboration with their classmates and staff. These dimensions underpin our approach to the 6Cs and Deep Learning at SCAS.

Year 2 led the way on Monday. The students explored Design Thinking and ways in which they could bring to life a water wall to control the flow of water under the influence of gravity. Students worked in teams to design, test and evaluate their solutions using guided processes.

Tuesday saw our Year 1 students have their first taste of working with simple electronics. I know many of these students were super enthused to design a simple circuit torch and know that they could take it home to show family. Working with copper tape, batteries and shrink wrap, many could explain the scientific ideas through the task. Furthermore, the students engaged in fun activities by completing a circuit of people to help them understand how electrons move and stop when a line is broken. 

Wednesday is often the most fun for our staff as Kindy make their way into the space for the first time. Containing their excitement in such a large open design space, surrounded by tools and materials that create a sense of wonder, can be a real challenge. Their day was an introduction to the design process, and they considered a range of materials that might help them design a strong structure that could withstand rain and wind. Of course, we tested that by spraying their models with water and a leaf blower.

Each of these days was more than just about fun. It provided an environment where staff could formally and informally assess students’ understanding of science and promote a sense of real-world wonder, which underpins the Science curriculum throughout the primary years. 

A big congratulations to Mr Munro and Mr Hodge from the Secondary School for preparing the space and materials, along with the K-2 teachers who brought together teaching and learning expertise to inspire our youngest SCAS students.

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