Primary School Steps Up

Primary School students have participated in St Columba’s first ever ‘Step Up Day’. The inaugural event saw students from Kindergarten to Year 6 ‘step up’ to their 2019 level class. For our Year 6 students, this meant stepping up to our Secondary School for their Year 7 Orientation.

Primary School participated in an array of fun activities while familiarising themselves with their new classrooms and playgrounds.

Students discussed the practicalities of progressing to their new grades such as their new bag areas, where to line up and the location of their bathrooms.

The ‘Step Up Day’ spread anticipation and excitement throughout the Primary School as they learnt about some of the opportunities that the new year will bring — such as the string and band program for our Years 3 and 5 students.

Year 6 students got a feel for High School as they experienced a sample Secondary School timetable. Attending Science, English, HSIE, Design & Technology and Visual Art classes, students acquainted themselves with the new routines of Secondary.

In attendance at both our Step Up Day and Year 7 Orientation Day were our new students for 2019. The day pushed SCAS students to extend beyond their comfort zone and welcome their new peers. Students were encouraged to ask questions about moving on to their new grade in an effort to alleviate any minor worries they have about 2019.

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