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And they came back!

The drop-off traffic queue was long.
The smiles were broad.
The noise and excitement were palpable.
The breeze was cool and student temperatures were normal!

For some, in ten minutes, it felt like they had never been away.

For some (especially Kindergarten) it seemed like a new world was starting all over again.

For those who have been with us on campus all along it was the same, but with more friends.

It shows that, no matter how hard we try to make education online accessible, engaging and challenging, a real St Columba education is about relationships, familiar faces and community as much as facts and formulae.

Kindergartners with close teacher relationships have been shown to be more engaged in classroom activities, have better attitudes about school, and demonstrate better academic performance. Thus, teacher-child relationships appear to be an important part of children’s social and academic success in school.”

Asks the
“Kindergarten Cop.”

“Studies have shown that strong relationships between a teacher and his or her students can have a substantial impact on academic success. When students view their teachers as a partner rather than an adversary, they are more open to learning.”

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