Sam takes to the airwaves

Sam Blacker graduated from St Columba Anglican School in 2007. After graduation, Sam took a gap year, then travelled to Melbourne where he studied a Bachelor degree (which he says he will probably never use!) and a Graduate Diploma in Commercial Radio, which he says really gave his life direction into the world of radio.

Since then, Sam has jumped around the country as a breakfast announcer in Alice Springs, Jindabyne, Ballarat, a show producer in Wollongong, and is currently co-hosting the breakfast show in Nowra. During this time he has had the opportunity to interview a whole host of famous celebrities, and has been nominated for several Australian Commercial Radio Awards. Along the way he has also picked up a variety of video and audio editing skills, and is also developing his own digital content online for laughs and, he says, to amuse himself.

Sam says he has no idea where he’ll be next, but as at the time of writing has painted toe nails, a fake tan and bikini line wax strips – the after effects of his latest stunt for his breakfast radio show!

Here’s one of the videos from Sam’s facebook page,

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