SCAS battles it out in the NSW Law Society’s Mock Trial Competition

The Mock Trial program is a great learning experience in which students simulate a court case and play the roles of key court personnel.

Each team consists of two barristers (who argue a case for their client and cross-examine opposing witnesses), one solicitor (who researches legal principles relevant to the case), two witnesses (who give evidence under oath) and a court officer (who manages courtroom procedures). It is the closest experience to being a real lawyer!

For Round Two of the state-wide competition, SCAS defended our client against a charge of assault.

Just like real lawyers, we were provided with a set of witness statements and spent considerable time preparing arguments and examination of our witnesses.

Our opposition was Presbyterian Ladies College in Armidale, who made a strong case against our client, but who ultimately could not prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although we successfully defended our client, we were unsuccessful in the actual Mock Trial (which assesses skills such as making objections to evidence, delivering opening and closing statements, correctly explaining the relevant law etc), and lost by a single point 237-236.

Overall, the three-hour winding drive was definitely worth it as we improved majorly from our previous Mock Trial.

  • By Jenya Gowda (Year 11)

Mock Trial Team for Round 2: Jenya Gowda (1st barrister), Alexie Lewis (2nd barrister), Molly Kemp (Solicitor), Austin Burt (playing the accused), Zoe Brennan (playing a key eyewitness), Courtney Innes (Court Officer).

Mock Trial Squad: Zoe Brennan, Jaya Burini, Austin Burt, Ayva Eames, Justin Eggert, Jenya Gowda, Mitchell Hardie, Courtney Innes, Molly Kemp, Ben Kirkman, Jono Kosmeier, Alexie Lewis, Georgia Mitchell, Lachlan Richmond, Isabella Webb (all Year 11)

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