SCAS Debating Day and Debate Team Announcement

It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it


The debating and public speaking program at SCAS continues to be an important activity that engages and develops the key skills that we as a community value. It helps create young people who are socially aware, emotionally cognisant and equipped with the intellectual agility to think critically and consider perspectives beyond their own.

Recently, SCAS held a debating day for any interested students to learn and participate in a range of activities around the skills of debating. Fifty secondary students participated in this powerful learning experience, all working collaboratively together, and learning from each other.

Across this day, the Debating Squad for the 2022 HICES Competition was selected.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7/8

  • Larissa Govender
  • Grace Bylsma
  • Max Hopley
  • Eliza Rose
  • Finn Vicars
  • Amara Crutcher
  • Angelina McRae
  • Hamish Conaghan
  • Charlie Finnecy
  • Arielle Reid
  • Jasmine Morgan
  • Angus Ismay
  • Gabby Turner

Year 9/10

  • Anneliese Turner
  • Zalia Rose
  • Saskia Clark
  • Adam Hempsell
  • Seanna Hosking
  • Annabelle Pollitt
  • Piper Graham
  • Imogen Farley
  • Isobel Bramley
  • Grace Adlington
  • Eva Dabovich
  • Millicent Wilson
  • Liam McCann
  • Jaiden Power

Year 11/12

  • Georgia Stanfield-Gates
  • Aarohi Deshmukh
  • Claudia Stephens
  • Isla Smith
  • Gabby Tittel
  • Adam Winter
  • Laura Williams
  • Ban Rashdan
  • Benji Fitzpatrick
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