SCAS Primary School wins prestigious Keep Australia Beautiful Award

We are excited to announce that the SCAS Primary School were successful in winning an award in the Schools Category in the 2021 Return and Earn Litter Prevention competition.

The Primary School looked at ways in which ‘sustainability’ learning could be used in real-life situations, and created a student-led team that promoted and implemented a Return & Earn Scheme at School. In addition, the students were educated about the benefits of recycling to keep waste out of landfill, and at the same time provide a benefit to community groups requiring assistance.

Throughout late 2020 and 2021, our Sustainability Committee were active in ensuring that we collectively kept 4,423 containers, which is a whopping 192.84kg, from going to landfill. This was equivalent to 2,885 minutes in the shower or 157, 845 hours of energy to power a TV. Our efforts also avoided 2,102 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

This project was a whole school effort, with students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participating, alongside staff who brought containers in from home. Funds that were raised went towards helping FAWNA to look after our local wildlife following the bushfires, as well as supporting the Year 5 ‘Light Up Vanuatu’ service project.

The judges were particularly impressed that our efforts linked to our curriculum, and that our efforts increased awareness of recycling and sustainability through helping others, and that our youngest students were also highly engaged. Our current Sustainability Committee would like to build on this amazing success by challenging the Secondary School to get on board!

Well done to all of our Primary students!

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