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Secondary School – HRIS Team List

In order to select a team to represent SCAS at the HRIS Athletics Carnival, we will be holding an athletics day for competitors only. This event will take place on Tuesday 14 June at Stuart Park, Port Macquarie.

We will initially select and announce a team based on the results from the 2021 SCAS Athletics Carnival. A google form has been sent to students and any students who are not named will be able to nominate to compete as a competitor on this day. Any student that is currently selected for an event, who does not want to take up the position, must notify us as soon as possible at Selections highlighted in green are confirmed selections and these events will not be contested.

As this is a competitor’s only event, we ask that students only nominate if they are at a level necessary to qualify for the HRIS event. All track and field events will be contested on this day. The only exception to this being High Jump, which will be completed at SCAS during Long Breaks prior to the end of the term.  

It will not be possible to provide start times for each of the events, as this will be dependent on the number of students competing and how quickly we can progress through the day.

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