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Secondary School Swimming Carnival 2020

The proposed timetable for the day is provided below for your information. Please note that event times are approximate and students must be ready for events when called by the Marshal. Please note that in Secondary School students self-nominate for events they wish to participate in by reporting to the marshalling area when the event is called on the day.

8.45am100m Freestyle
9.30am50m Breaststroke
10.20am50m Butterfly + Novelties (17-18 yrs)
11.00am50m Freestyle (12-14 yrs) + Novelties (15-16 yrs)
11.30amHouse Seniors Synchronised Swimming Display
12.00pmLunch (time permitting)
12.30pm50m Freestyle (15-18 yrs) + Novelties (12-14 yrs)
12.50pm50m Backstroke
1.30pmRelays (50m pool)
2.00pmCompetency swim through (25m pool, or 50m pool if time permits)
2.15pmChampion of Champions 50m Freestyle
2.30pmClean up/Presentation of Age Champion Medals
2.40pm to 3.00pmRoll Call and Dismissal

Uniform Requirements

Students must wear their full SCAS sports uniform to and from the carnival including SCAS House shirt in the appropriate House colour — Blue (McCabe), Red (Farrell), Green (Innes), Yellow (Robinson), OR the SCAS sports shirt.

Year 11 and 12 students may wear House colour costume/dress which follows the school mufti clothing guidelines (with the exception that thongs are permitted to wear on this day), however appropriate swimming attire must be worn to compete in races.

Students should also bring:

  • A broad-brimmed SCAS hat (or SCAS sports cap);
  • Supply of sunscreen for application as required throughout the day and sunglasses;
  • Suitable swimming costume, which would consist of a one-piece swimming costume or a two-piece racing costume for girls. Bikinis may be worn but only with a rash/sun shirt over.

For sun protection, students will be required to wear appropriate clothing and remain in a shaded area where possible when they are not competing.

Prohibited Items: A reminder to students that in addition to the items that are normally prohibited, there must be no Crepe Paper, Streamers, Water Bombs, Mobile Phones, iPods/Music Devices or Laptop/tablet gaming devices.

The pool canteen will be selling hot food and snacks throughout the day. Otherwise, students should bring food and have a good supply of water (not in glass please) for the day.

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