SLC Attend GRIP Leadership Conference

The 2019 GRIP leadership conference was a huge success!

What was the GRIP leadership conference?

The GRIP leadership conference was for members of the 2019 SLC (Student Leadership Committee.)

It was an experience never to be forgotten! At the GRIP leadership conference, we explored many different ways we can become a leader, show our leadership and still have lots of fun.

We learned how to develop ourselves to lead, which meant we had to develop our own character. You can develop your character by using the CORE four traits of a leader, which are:

Confidence with humility
Others focused

We also learned how to make a difference to our team, school and society, whilst also taking place in some super epic dance parties.

Overall, the leadership pathway the SLC went on was terrific! You can get involved by joining the SLC when you’re in Year 6. Remember leadership is about people, not position or power!

Fleur Hillsdon
Press On Club Student Journalist

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