Society and Culture HSC Major Works

The Year 12 HSC Society and Culture class of 2017 celebrated the completion of their Personal Interest Projects (PIP) this week, having worked on this for most of the HSC.

Students investigated contemporary issues in society through extensive secondary and primary research. The primary research component included students interviewing a range of experts in their areas, with one student conducting an interview with singer-songwriter Montaigne.

All students have approached their research with maturity and dedication, and students have now written their reports of up to 5,500 words, accompanied by an extensive list of annotated references. This major work accounts for 20 percent of their final HSC mark.

This year the range of topics included the role of social media in environmentalism, gender inequality in the film industry, the portrayal of disability in the media, objectification and sexualisation of women in competitive dance, the changing male gender, the impacts of living in the Middle East on identity, and the differing impact of dementia on male and female personal identity. The students now turn their attention to their Trial HSC Examinations early next term.

Well done to all involved!


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